Ceramic Coating Installers Near Me

5 Year Ceramic Coating Installers Near Me By Hysteria Vehicle Artistry

Ceramic Coating Installers Near Me
To Book Ceramic Coating Installers Near Me Nationwide At Your Home, Text Chuck at Hysteria Vehicle Artistry at 412 726 6092.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Ceramic Coating Installed On My Car or Vehicle?


Compared in general to wax lasting about 3 months and paint sealants lasting 6 to 9 months, our ceramic coating lasts 5 or 12 years of top technology paint protection to the exterior of your vehicle.


¬†High heat days and environmental factors can cause wax and sealants to be removed, leaving your car exposed to more paint dulling oxidation and contaminant filled paint. With ceramic coating installed, it is an extremely hydrophobic and self cleaning substance that won’t be removed by heat or car washes.

Our ceramic coating service always is included with full defect removal and paint correction first to get your car as scratch free as possible before it is “preserved” for 5 or 12 years.

With our ceramic coating service, you won’t need to wax or treat the paint at all, and cleans up easily with just simple hosing it off as it dries itself very well.

It will be much more protected from chips, scratches, acid rain ruining your clear coat, and paint dulling oxidation.


Ceramic Coating Installers Near Me
Customers Tesla Model S 75D Example After Receiving Our Ceramic Coating Service At Their Home Garage.


Without the process being correct of installing ceramic coating, 5 years isn’t realistic to last on the paint. There are “fast and quick” sprays of ceramic coating but it will not be nearly the same as doing it professionally and correctly.

The shine and depth of ceramic coating is also known as glass coating for a reason as the quality of shine is a whole different ball game compared to regular polishes and shine sprays.

At Hysteria, our goal from the first step to the last is to do it the best way we can to not only make it last as long as it can possibly be protecting your vehicle, but also getting it to look the best it ever has right before it’s time to install the ceramic coating in our service at your home or office.


Ceramic Coating Installers Near Me With 2 Options For Your Prized Possession


At Hysteria Vehicle Artistry, our 5 Year Ceramic Coating is one of 2 options for paint protection included in our service we offer to create your special vehicle masterpiece.


You can sign up just to receive the ceramic coating service by itself or you can get the whole package of what we offer at Hysteria.


Here’s what we offer in the complete service;


Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Package Includes;


  • Coming to your home or office anywhere in the USA.


  • Exterior detailing and clay bar to remove dirt washing will never get out.


  • Full paint correction to remove 75% to 95% of defects, swirls, and scratches from your car’s paint.


  • Choice of Option A 5 years¬† or Option B 12 years paint protection packages after car is as perfect looking as it can be.


If interested in only our 5 Year Ceramic Coating Service, including paint correction and detailing beforehand, it will start at $1,500 for paint, wheels, brake calipers, and key interior trim for coupes and sedans then up if larger vehicle. 12 year package is $2,500 and up.


Plus traveling to you if you provide your zip code. I am based in Pittsburgh, Pa and have a great deal of ceramic coating experience at my detailing business. This site is just for me providing my ceramic coating and paint correction services to a farther distance of client base.


Text Chuck “Hysteria” to 412 726 6092 anytime. My paint correction specialist partner and I come to your home or office anywhere in the country that is able to be driven to and take great passion in creating a work of art from an amazing vehicle that you take great pride in.