Automotive Artistry & Vehicle Photography Packages by Hysteria

Hysteria Offers You 3 Premium Packages of Automotive Artistry & Vehicle Photography to Choose From For Your Prized Possession or Special Car.

Automotive Artistry & Vehicle Photography Packages by Hysteria

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Mission of Our Automotive Artistry and Vehicle Photography Packages at Hysteria


Hi, my name is Chuck Strogish. Welcome to Hysteria where my passion is to create truly mouth dropping and quality vehicle art for my car loving customers who have a prized possession of their own.


Automotive Artistry & Vehicle Photography Packages by Hysteria

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From start to finish, my service turns into a finished final product that is meant to not only create quality art with your vehicle as the main character, but offer something so different and amazing that you will physically have of your vehicle that will last a lifetime.


Read on to explore how I create Hysteria and what all must be done from start to finish to really offer you the best of the best in smiling everytime you lay eyes on a piece of art work. This piece of vehicle art won’t just be of the highest quality, it will be of your special ride, in it’s complete glory right on your wall. This is going to impress anyone who looks at it, and it will come with it’s own story on top of the one you already have for your special car.


The final package below, Stage 3, is the option that allows me to fully create a true masterpiece for you to have for life. I also offer levels to reaching Stage 3 listed below for you.


Stage 1 Exterior Paint Correction & Defect Removal At Your Home or Office


Goal: Get Your Vehicle’s Paint As Perfectly Defect Free As Possible in 1 Day.

Description: At your home or office, after a full exterior clay bar and detail, my paint correction specialist partner and I will spend all day removing swirls, scratches, and defects to get the paint 70% to 95% back to new. If a brand new paint job is 100%, paint correction will get it as close to that as possible with 1 year paint protection included after.


Cost: $800 and up on size plus $1 per mile travel fee to come to your home or office anywhere possible to drive to in the country.


Paint correction is a great way to increase the value of your car by around 20% on average and the ability to bring out a level of shine depth that isn’t possible without machine buffing paint correction.

Once it is fully paint correction and perfect as possible, it will either receive our 1 year paint protection and be complete, or now it is ready to be preserved and glass coated for 5 years with our Stage 2 Ceramic Coating Package below.

Below is an example of a customer’s Escalade that has sentimental meaning to him being passed down from a relative. It had over 100,000 miles and many swirls and scratches all over it. After paint correction shown below, it is now stunning to look at being 70% to 95% defect free.


Automotive Artistry & Vehicle Photography Packages by Hysteria


Stage 2 Exterior Paint Protection 5 Year Ceramic Coating At Your Home or Office


Goal: Max Paint Protection Length and Shine Quality After Paint Correction.

Description: We chose to go with a certain brand of ceramic coating that has a long duration of 5 year protection and an A+ shine quality. It will preserved in it’s best condition as much as possible while being self cleaning, much more chip and scratch resistant, and the ability to to provide superior hydrophobic and anti UV properties compared to any waxes or paint sealant protection.

Includes Stage 1 Paint Correction and Then Stage 2 5 year Ceramic Coating done in 1 day at your home or office.


Cost: $1,500 and up depending on size plus $1 per mile travel fee to come to your home or office in most places in the USA.


Below is a customer’s Tesla that received paint correction and then our 5 Year Ceramic Coating Stage 2 Package.


Automotive Artistry & Vehicle Photography Packages by Hysteria

Text Chuck 412 726 6092 for Stage 1 Through 3 Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Package Appointment.

Stage 3 Hysteria Automotive Artistry Masterpiece Project Including Vehicle Photography At Your Home or Office.


Goal: Create an amazing lifelong masterpiece in museum quality large art starring your prized possession vehicle as the main character.


Description: Your special car will need to be prepped to look it’s best ever with Stage 1 Paint Correction and Stage 2 Paint Protection. 5 Year Ceramic Coating is included or also in this package, you have the choice of a $999 J97 rare Brazilian oil wax and rare high speed sealant used in the aerospace industry. The shine and depth will be tremendous and perfect to be used as bragging rights when showing anyone the art work products with this wax used on your vehicle at the time of the photo shoot.


After you choose which premium paint protection option you’d like, it is now time to use a 30 plus megapizel professional photography camera to capture 10 shots of your vehicle in it’s glory. It can be on location or somewhere you have in mind to get that perfect shot that you choose to go into the final product explained next. This is the money shot that is going to be turned into art work so it must be special, and is going to look breathtaking.


Once you choose the money shot of your prized possession, it will now be time to be turned into an extra large acrylic glass piece of wall art in ultraHD quality that is at least 66″ by 44″ in size. The size will go up to the max based on the shot and quality, however, the minimum size will be extra large and extraordinary detail. You will also receive a smaller size version to include on a desk or in other location as well, with a Hysteria Vehicle Artistry black and gold lettering license plate frame.


Next, you will choose museum quality framing for the vehicle art piece that fits your home and wall the best. The art piece with frame will cost between $3,000 and $5,000 with shipping to make.


Without the frame included yet, here is an example shot of a 66″ by 44″ piece so that you can see in general the quality of the image to go on your wall.


Automotive Artistry & Vehicle Photography Packages by Hysteria


There will be several different choices you will pick to complete your masterpiece of your prized possession.


Lastly, each masterpiece project completed, upon your approval, you will have the true original piece on your wall and we will offer duplicates for sale on our website vehicle art gallery in which you will receive 50 percent of each one sold being your prized possession is the car in the photo. This would only be with your approval, of course.


We love special cars, and appreciate yours being the focus of the project completed. I look forward to working together and the opportunity to use your incredible vehicle as the next Hysteria Masterpiece Project.


Cost of Stage 3 Hysteria Masterpiece Package is flat fee of $9,997.


*Includes coming to you anywhere with no extra travel fee, Stage 1 Paint Correction, Stage 2 Paint Protection, professional photo shoot, 10 HD images, photo retouching, extra large art piece with framing, additional small size art piece, custom Hysteria Artistry License Plate Frame, and a Crimson Shield Waterless Detailing Kit to easily clean up dust off of the coating as needed. *

**$500 deposit is needed to confirm appointment to cover traveling to your home or office in case of an emergency cancellation with remaining $9,457 due at time of start of 10 a.m appointment at your home or office.**

Thanks for choosing Hysteria Vehicle Artistry and for giving me the opportunity to let me execute my passion in special vehicles and create a lifetime masterpiece that you can be happy and proud of everyday.

If we create a vehicle art piece that is so spectacular and duplicates purchased by others upon your approval, you will receive yours at a lower cost for each one sold. Or you can choose to keep it as yours is the original and only one made for yourself to have.


Thanks again,

Chuck Strogish, Owner

Hysteria Vehicle Artistry

Text Chuck 412 726 6092 for an appointment anytime for your prized possession vehicle.