Learn the Cars Hysteria Looks To Make Vehicle Art With, and The States Where We Come To Your Home.

Learn the Vehicles Hysteria Looks To Make High End Car Art With, and The States Where We Come To Your Home or Office.

Automotive Artistry & Vehicle Photography Packages by Hysteria

Text Chuck 412 726 6092 for a Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, & Car Photography Appointment At Your Home in The USA.


What Hysteria Car Art Does For Your Prized Possession Vehicles?

  1. Come to your home or office.
  2. Exterior detailing to look showroom new and prep for paint correction.
  3. Remove as many paint defects, dullness, swirls, and scratches with paint correcting.
  4. Once as perfect as possible, premium paint protection and shine is completed next.
  5. Choose between $1,000 dollar rare aerospace sealant called J97 or our 5 Year Ceramic Coating (Glass Coated). Both have many pro’s and not any cons. Shine on both is photo shoot ready.
  6. Now your car is pristine and fully protected, it will with your help be placed at a good spot to capture an amazing picture using my 30 plus megapixel professional car photography camera. Out of 10 or so shots, you will choose your favorite to be turned into museum quality wall art.
  7. Once I get the best shot of your prized possession, I will give you options on high end framing to match your room your art will be in, all choices will be of the best quality possible.
  8. Your prized possession shot will be created into at least a 66″ by 44″ ultraHD acrylic glass piece of wall art. It may be even bigger in size depending on the shot and angle you choose, but it will be at least this size, in extra large for sure. It will be framed and then duplicated into a smaller size for you to have at an office or garage.
  9. You will have the option to keep the only one made of your prized possession or if you give approval, I am creating my own vehicle art gallery of only my client’s who put their prized possession through my Hysteria Vehicle Artistry process. If approved, you will receive 50% of all profits on the art work that features your very own prized possession vehicle. There will be 100 duplicates available for sale and the price will vary depending on the cost to make it. You will be kept in the loop of pricing and all sales until they are all sold.
  10. If you choose to keep the only one made for yourself, that is your choice for allowing us to use your amazing car to create my passionate work (Chuck Strogish, Hysteria Owner). I love cars and this is my chance to create high quality products through services that aren’t found anywhere else.


Car Photography Service

Chuck Strogish, Car Lover and Owner of Hysteria Vehicle Artistry.


Sign Up By Texting Chuck to 412 726 6092 at your home or office.


A List Of Super and Mega Cars & Vehicles Hysteria Looks To Make Vehicle Art With.


If it isn’t on this list, that’s ok, our service is for anyone with a prized possession whether it be an amazing car everyone loves and appreciates, or also, maybe it is a car passed down in your family and you want the highest quality piece of art work to preserve it.

The car also will be brought back to new and preserved in reality too before to create the best vehicle art possible.

I Would Love To Put Any Of These Incredible Cars and Brands Through My Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Package;


  • Acura NSX

  • Alpina Vehicles

  • Aston Martin Vehicles

  • Audi R8 & S8

  • Bentley Vehicles

  • BMW I8 & M Vehicles

  • Bugatti Vehicles

  • Cadillac CTS-V

  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06

  • Dodge Viper

  • Ferrari Vehicles

  • Ford GT | Mustang | Shelby Cobra

  • Hennessey Vehicles

  • Jaguar Models | F-Type SVR

  • Koenigsegg Vehicles

  • Lamborghini Vehicles

  • Lexus LFA

  • Lotus Vehicles

  • Maserati Vehicles

  • Maybach Vehicles

  • McLaren Vehicles

  • Mercedes-Benz | AMG Vehicles

  • Nismo Vehicles

  • Nissan Skyline | GT-R

  • Pagani Vehicles

  • Panoz Vehicles

  • Porsche 911 | Vehicles

  • Rolls-Royce Vehicles

  • Roush Vehicles

  • Saleen Vehicles

  • Tesla P100D | Vehicles

  • Yenko Vehicles


My Home Base City I Work Out Of Is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, But All States Able to Drive To is Included In Hysteria Package of Coming To Your Home or Office. Only Places Not Available Are Hawaii and Alaska.

  1. Alabama | Montgomery | Birmingham
  2. Arizona | Phoenix
  3. Arkansas | Little Rock
  4. California | Sacramento | Los Angeles
  5. Colorado | Denver
  6. Connecticut | Hartford | Bridgeport
  7. Delaware | Dover | Wilmington
  8. Florida | Tallahassee | Tampa | Miami | Jacksonville | Orlando
  9. Georgia | Atlanta
  10. Idaho | Boise
  11. Illinois | Springfield | Chicago
  12. Iowa | Des Moines
  13. Kansas | Topeka | Witchita
  14. Kentucky | Frankfurt | Louisville
  15. Louisiana | Baton Rouge | New Orleans
  16. Maine | Augusta | Portland
  17. Maryland | Annapolis | Baltimore
  18. Massachusetts | Boston
  19. Michigan | Lansing | Detroit
  20. Minnesota | St. Paul | Minneapolis
  21. Mississippi | Jackson
  22. Missouri | Jefferson City | Kansas City
  23. Montana | Helena | Billings
  24. Nebraska | Lincoln | Omaha
  25. Nevada | Carson City | Las Vegas
  26. New Hampshire | Concord | Manchester
  27. New Jersey | Trenton | Newark
  28. New Mexico | Santa Fe | Albuquerque
  29. New York | Albany | New York City
  30. North Carolina | Raleigh | Charlotte
  31. North Dakota | Bismarck | Fargo
  32. Ohio | Columbus
  33. Oklahoma | Oklahoma City
  34. Oregon | Salem | Portland
  35. Pennsylvania | Pittsburgh | Harrisburg | Philadelphia
  36. Rhode Island | Providence
  37. South Carolina | Columbia
  38. South Dakota | Pierre | Sioux Falls
  39. Tennessee | Nashville | Memphis
  40. Texas | Austin | Houston | San Antonio | Dallas
  41. Utah | Salt Lake City
  42. Vermont | Montpelier | Burlington
  43. Virginia |  Richmond | Virginia Beach
  44. Washington | Olympia | Seattle
  45. West Virginia | Charleston
  46. Wisconsin | Madison | Milwaukee
  47. Wyoming | Cheyenne

Cost of Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Package – $9,997 flat fee for most vehicles. $500 up front deposit for travel and $9,497 in cash day of appointment. Text Chuck 412 726 6092 to make your Hysteria Appointment.