Car Collector & Auto Enthusiast Luxury Detailing Gift
I created my Hysteria Vehicle Artistry package as a special & unique

car collector & auto enthusiast luxury detailing gift.

Hi, I’m Chuck, the owner of an award winning local Pittsburgh car care service called Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing.

Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece

If you are a car collector, auto enthusiast, or someone that has a car that is more special to you than the others, I made the Hysteria package just for you and would like to tell you more about it.

When creating the Hysteria Vehicle Artistry package, I wanted to combine my passion for special cars and helping my detailing customers with offering an out of this world luxury detailing gift that gives me the opportunity to create something amazing for you & your prized possession in the form of custom vehicle art.


Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Luxury Detailing Package For Car Collectors & Auto Enthusiasts Cost

$9,997 flat fee.


The package starts as a service and ends in a final product. The mission is a quality piece of your prized possession that you and anyone who sees it will get a feeling inside of Hysteria.

Paint Correction & Protection | Ceramic Coating Service | Car Photography.

   Cars will come and go but Hysteria will not only preserve your car is paint protection, but it will be on your wall in your home where it will be eye catching every time you walk by it.


Starting as a Luxury Detailing Service – What’s Included?

  • Come to your home or office anywhere you are in the country that is able to drive to.


Detailing and Paint Correction Pre Vehicle Photography Photo Shoot

  • When arrival, first it is time to get your prized possession ready to be captured in a professional photo shoot, where it will receive our Stage 4 detailing package.

Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece

Starting With Exterior Detailing and Clay Bar

  • Clay bar will remove light reflecting contaminants and make best bond for durable protection. Max shine, max protection prepping.


Next is Advanced Paint Correction to Your Prized Possession

  • Machine compounding and polishing to remove as many scratches, swirls, or shine hiding defects as possible to get it ready for the next step, premium paint protection.


Choice of Premium Car Paint Protection

  • Choice 1 – 5 year Ceramic Coating
  • Choice 2 – Rare Project J97 9 Stage Micro Filtered Wax and Aerospace Sealant


Now that it has been detailed, corrected, and protected in the best possible way we know how, your prized possession will be stunning at this point and ready to be captured for a lifetime.

Automotive Artistry & Vehicle Photography Packages by Hysteria

Service is Completed & Ready To Create The Final Product of Your Prized Possession


Vehicle Photography – Car Photo Shoot

  • There is 1 shot to get of your choice that will make the cut to be placed as the shot that ends up in the final product piece on your wall.
  • After using a quality megapixel camera, the goal is to find an angle and setting that you know is the perfect shot of your baby, that will be used to start creating some incredible vehicle wall art.


The Final Product Creation of Your Prized Possession

  • Using the shot you picked, next it is time to choose a museum grade frame that will accompany the feel and look of the room your wall piece will be in. There are several high quality frames that you can choose from to give it the perfect match to your liking.
  • The wall piece will be extra large in size, as big as I can make it where it doesn’t sacrifice quality of the image taken onsite. The smallest it can be is 66″ by 44″ without framing and largest will be 120″ by 93″. It may be either or somewhere in between, but either way, will be very large to be the main piece of any sized room.
  • Your prized possession vehicle art piece will made to be ultraHD acrylic glass to really show the depth and shine accompanied with each premium paint protection option you choose.
  • Regardless if it’s glass coating or Project J97, each are the choices because of the quality of shine they present is my favorite options. Besides the level of car protection they provide as well.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece

2 Weeks or so Later, Your Prized Possession Vehicle Art Piece Arrives in The Mail With Delicate Shipping. Also you receive a few other items;

  • Each customer in the Hysteria Vehicle Artistry family will be their own Chapter for each year. You will receive a Hysteria black chrome license plate cover that shows which Chapter your car is representing. As after each Chapter, you and the other customer’s that gave me this opportunity to create a gift for themselves will be combined to create a look book for those special cars in the Chapter.
  • You will receive a mini version of your wall piece to be able to stand on a desk at the office or in your garage. Same quality and framing, just a much smaller size.
  • Hysteria Vehicle Artistry T shirt.
  • A personalized thank you letter to show appreciation of your gift, as every car and customer is extremely important to me.


How Do I Sign My Prized Possession Up For The Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Project?

  • Text Chuck “Hysteria” to (412) 726- 6092 make your appointment.
  • Travel is included in the cost no matter where you are, if very far a deposit may be needed in case a reschedule date is needed or emergency.
  • Please allow around 2 weeks from completion of the service to create your piece and have it properly and safely shipped out. Constant text communication by Chuck personally is with you throughout the whole process as I can’t wait to see your reaction to seeing your luxury gift.

car collector and auto enthisiast luxury detailing gift

This is my passion, the special car you own. The meaning it has to you. The ability to preserve an amazing car and create stunning and quality vehicle art. The opportunity you let me have to do this for you. To create something that lasts a lifetime as car fans.

Every bit start to finish means a lot to me and this is why I created Hysteria specifically. You sign up as a customer and receive a product but it’s not just any product, my attempt is to make you feel like you got yourself the best gift by far that you have ever received. While giving me the opportunity to use my years of detailing and appreciation of incredible cars come together to create…..Hysteria.

Thank you,


Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh (