Prized Possession Protection For Cars

Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece

Do you have a prized possession vehicle that is of rare, special, or sentimental value to you?

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Hi, I’m Chuck Strogish, & This, Hysteria Vehicle Artistry, is My Passion.



Paint Correction, Paint Protection, Ceramic Coating, Car Photography Service
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How Your Prized Possession Car and I Team Up To Create Stunning Luxury Vehicle Artistry.


  • You are passionate & appreciate special automobiles, and have one yourself that will allow me the opportunity to put my passion into motion turning paint correction and ceramic coating services into a product of luxury automotive artistry.


  • You’ll learn how blog updates) is a unique at home premium car care service mixed with professional car photography below reading on, the goal is to form an incredible end game product of your prized possession car that you will be proud of for a lifetime.


  • Each Hysteria customer vehicle is designated it’s own Chapter number as each customer and vehicle is special to me in creating what blog updates) ultimately will become. Read on to learn more if you have a special, rare, or sentimental vehicle that care about, this is my passion made just for you as car lovers.


The Hysteria Vehicle Artistry 5 Step Process – Creating The Best Luxury Automobile Artistry Possible.


There are 5 Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Steps you receive by signing up laid out below. Text Chuck 412 726 6092.


  1. Start of Hysteria Project – Convenience and crisp service for you.


  • Coming to your home or office wherever you are in most USA states.



2. Auto Detailing & Paint Correction


Getting Your Prize Possession Car’s Exterior Corrected & Protected to Achieve Deepest Shine & Strongest Protection Bond Possible.


  • Exterior detailing with clay bar to remove all hidden, shine killing contaminants.


  • Next, removing 75% to 95% of paint defects such as; swirls, scratches, and oxidation is achieved through full paint correction to your prized possession.


  • At this stage, the paint will be as close to a brand new paint job as possible and ready to be protected with only the top 2 premium choices out there.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Black Chrome License Plate Cover Included in Hysteria Package.

3. Premium Paint Protection Pre – Photo Shoot For Maximum Shine and Protection Possible.


  • You can’t go wrong here, but you can choose between 2 premium paint protection options to suit your tastes better. Both will have a 10 out of 10 shine for photo shoot, but the next choice is between durability and bragging rights. (Read on to see what I mean, ha.)


  • (A) is if you want max durability, shine, scratch resistance, and self cleaning properties which is my 5 Year Ceramic Coating (Glass Coating).


  • (B) is if you want bragging rights, extreme shine, and using a 9 stage filtered rare aerospace sealant that cost us $999 just to use on one car. J97 is a luxury wax used on only the finest and rarest cars on earth created by a serious car collector and tested 97 times before perfected. It may not last as long as ceramic coating, but you will be able to point to your vehicle artwork and say the wax used right before photo taken cost $999 just for a few ounces of it to apply.


  • I offer this because if you have just one photo taken of your prized possession to be turned into a stunning piece of quality art, now is the time to go extreme in every avenue possible, and J97 is that.


  • Now your prized possession vehicle is detailed, clay barred, paint corrected with defects removed, premium protection applied to it and looking the best it’s ever had. Now it’s time for a professional photo shoot to capture it in it’s glory day.


4. Luxury Automobile Photography Photo Shoot For Your Prized Possession Car.


  • Using a quality $5,000 dollar and 30 megapixel plus photography camera, every step of the way is the best possible quality I can find. No different photographing. Your car looks unreal in person at this point as it is, and a smart phone camera would look great as it is, but to create a true masterpiece for you to have for a lifetime, I use the best camera possible.


  • Regardless if you would like us to angle your car for a good shot, or you have a special place or background in mine to capture your car, once it is set up, it will receive around 10 shots at different angles until you decide, “That’s the perfect shot right there.”


  • Once you decide on that mind blowing shot of your vehicle, our job is done for the day and now it is time to take the photo you decided on and turn it into luxury vehicle artistry.


5. Creating Your 1 Of, Lifelong Vehicle Masterpiece of Your Prized Possession in Museum Quality.


  • Each customer receiving this process will be it’s own Chapter number with our Hysteria black chrome Chapter number license plate cover for you to keep as a memory if your vehicle’s glory day.


  • In creating the best art work possible for you to have from everything it went through step by step, it will be an amazing extra large size art piece in UltraHD acrylic glass in at least 66″ by 44″ in size.


  • Your luxury vehicle artwork wall piece will be framed in museum quality framing with a few different options for you to choose from to fit your home best where it will be. All options are the best possible quality I can find.


  • The artwork could even bigger than the minimum size as each shot and angle is different and some shots could even be almost double that size, which is massive but either way, it must be the highest quality in the biggest it can be.


  • You will also receive a smaller duplicate for you to have for another place or room, in the same quality, but a mini version.


  • Once you have your prized possession masterpiece on your wall, you have the choice to keep it a 1 of with you having the only original for yourself. Or you can approve of me to make 100 duplicates to add to a luxury vehicle art gallery on my website where anyone that appreciates cars and quality art can purchase a duplicate for their wall.


  • For being a Hysteria customer and giving me the opportunity to use your amazing prized possession as a Chapter car, any and all purchases of a duplicate piece with your car as the focus will be 50% of the profit returned back to you on each piece as a rebate.


Have a Prized Possession, Special, or Rare Vehicle You Would Like To Let Me Create Luxury Vehicle Art With? Text Chuck “Hysteria” to (412) 726 – 6092.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Shot of Customer’s Jaguar F-Type SVR


Scroll down further toward the bottom to see a list of cars I would love to make luxury art with, and appreciate getting to create something special with your prized possession vehicle. Thanks for reading.


Learn About Each Step of Our Process Now Below;

Paint Correction & Protection | Ceramic Coating Service | Car Photography.


Paint Correction


  • Paint Correction is an important step in the Hysteria package, as it removed 75% to 95% of paint defects in your car’s exterior. This is the only way to achieve a level of shine that is unsurpassed.


  • Why? Because light reflects off of defects and reduced shine and depth quality. By paint correction, it will be as defect free as possible, which will be max shine possible for it’s photo shoot and the value of your car increases on average, 20%.


  • Also, with paint correction detailing, the bond of protection will be much better which will allow waxes, sealants, and our 5 Year Ceramic Coating to be able to last the whole 5 years.



Ceramic Coating 5 Year Paint Protection


  • After we arrive and detail the exterior, next it will receive paint correction to remove defects to prep it to be glass coated to last the most time possible. We choose 2 paint protection options in the Hysteria package, with our 5 Year Ceramic Coating being one and rare J97 aerospace sealant plus 9 stage rare Brazilian wax oils as the second choice.


  • J97 is $1,000 dollar protection to apply and is used on some of the most rare and expensive vehicles in the entire world. Hysteria project is the perfect time to use such a high end paint protection wax and sealant. For longest lasting protection, our 5 Year Ceramic Coating is available also.


  • Being glass coated, it will be extreme glass mirror like shine and 3 times more durable than clear coat. This is self cleaning and helps to reduce oxidation, scratches, and chips much more than any waxes or sealants. lasts 5 years if full paint correction and prep work is involved prior to install. We make sure it is done correctly for max duration.


Car Photography


  • We use a $5,000 plus dollar professional camera that is 30 plus megapixels to capture your prized possession in it’s cosmetic prime after paint correction and 5 Year Ceramic Coating. It’s shine and depth will already be stunning, but now a high end camera in a pristine setting that you choose will create quality of art that is mind blowing.


  • After the photo shoot, next it is time to create high end vehicle art. We take the largest acrylic glass in ultaHD and museum grade framing materials to create at least a 66″ by 44″ piece of vehicle artistry for your wall that will make any car or art fans stop and think, “unbelievable”.


  • Each Hysteria customer will be a special Chapter number and your own Hysteria license plate to say your Chapter number. Receiving a chapter number means that you have the choice of having your art work be a 1 of original where you are the sole owner.


  • Or you can allow us to add it to our vehicle art gallery we are creating to sell 100 copies where you will receive 50% back on each one sold with your prized possession on it.  Only with your permission.


What Motivates Hysteria Vehicle Artistry?



  • Each Hysteria vehicle will be it’s own special Chapter number.


  • Each Chapter car that completes the Hysteria process will have it’s own personal story, besides being an outlier of a car.


  • Characteristics of a Hysteria Chapter Car Includes;



  • Creating a Hysteria piece of your prized possession means taking an amazing car that you have with a personal story and being able to make the choice of highest quality from step 1 as a detailing process, to the paint protection process, into a professional car photography photo shoot, all the way to taking that image and turning into the highest quality piece of vehicle art possible.


  • Your Chapter number will be special as you choose if you have the only one or if it can be for sale with 100 duplicates. I appreciate you as a customer and each Chapter number will be more than an amazing car, it will give me the chance to create something exceptionally special for you the car owner, but also for anyone who loves cars and specifically, the make and model of your incredible prized possession.


  • Handling


  • Power


  • Prestige


  • Influence


  • How Rare It Is


  • Your Prize Possession’s Own Personal Story and Background


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece


  • If you decide to not let anyone purchase a copy, you will have a 1 of original of luxury automotive artistry on your wall for a lifetime of your prized possession under your own Chapter number on your black chrome license plate frame.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece

Text Chuck “Hysteria” (412) 726 – 6092 For Your Quote or Appointment Setup.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Pictured Above is Customer’s White Porsche 911 GTS Receiving Car Ceramic Coating 5 Year Protection.

Why and How Chuck Strogish Started


Hi, my name is Chuck Strogish, owner of Hysteria Vehicle Artistry. Starting back in 2004, I detailed cars at an Acura dealership for a few years before deciding to take the leap & start my own mobile car detailing business in Pittsburgh, Pa.


Starting in 2010, it took a couple years to start building a customer base from them being pleased at the customer service, convenience being mobile, and quality of detailing. At the end of 2011 to currently, we have managed at Chuck’s Mobile Car Detailing Pittsburgh to win multiple awards in our city with a base of over 1,300 happy clients.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction by Chuck Strogish. Text 412 726 6092.


We chose to be economic friendly also because we detail cars onsite at their home or office so we currently save over 200,000 gallons of what would be chemical filled water from entering the water ways.


We’ve been able to earn an A+ rating over 7 years on Angie’s List and that brings us to now where I wanted to offer something amazing.


I love and appreciate cars, as does my client base. Especially special or rare cars that mean something extra to a client. I asked myself what I could offer that would be unbelievably incredible that a client will be able to enjoy forever when it comes to a special vehicle.


I received advice from someone highly respectable which he said in summary to stick to your passion, except make it so you are thrilled as possible to do it. So this is how came to be as I am thrilled to create luxury vehicle artistry to cars I admire while being able to earn a customers business. Then make them feel thrilled to of used Hysteria every time they look up and see their amazing luxury wall piece of their prized possession. is a unique service which combines 2 worlds of premium services in the automotive industry to form one high end, luxury product. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and give you and your prized possession car a real treat that works now and lasts forever.




What Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Does and Includes – The Unbelievably Incredible Final Product Revealed


There are car photography services and there are paint correction and protection services, we are unique because we do both combined. We come right to your home and Hysteria does it all to form one lifelong masterpiece as the final product. See what we mean below.

-Chuck, Owner pictured below.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Text Chuck 412 726 6092 If You Have a Prized Possession.

The Hysteria Artistry Special Vehicle Package Includes;


First Things First After You Make an Appointment;


We come to your home or office anywhere you are in the country that is able to drive to and give your special vehicle our Stage 1 Exterior Detail Package including paint correction.


This will allow us to remove 70% to 95% percent of paint defects and get the exterior to be as perfect as possible to be preserved in it’s cosmetic prime.




You will get to choose between Option A or Option B for premium paint protection and insane level of shine.


Option A is $800 to $1000 dollar wax that is made from a combo of rare Brazilian carnauba wax oils and also rare sealants found only in the aerospace industry made to protect against the highest of speeds and not fade or wash off your paint. The shine will be absolutely incredible after paint correction to be ready for it’s photo shoot.


Option B is our 5 Year Ceramic Coating or “Glass Coating” package that will turn to glass for amazing shine and is 9h so will prevent scratches, swirls, and is self cleaning. The pro grade we use is very strong to last 5 years, I know from first hand experience working with it on clients vehicles.


Here is a customer’s Volvo Xc90 R Design that chose Our 5 Year Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Package after it received paint correction pictured below.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Our 5 Year Ceramic Coating Paint Protection Included. Have a rare or special vehicle to you? Text Chuck 412 726 6092 and create your lifetime vehicle masterpiece.


Regardless of the option you choose, both will be a 10 out of 10 in shine and the protection is a choice between high speed or 5 year duration.

Now your car is fully paint corrected and the exterior is as perfect as it can be free of defects and scratches. Also, it is protected and polished with the best options available in the combination of both shine and protection.

Now it is ready to be in a photo shoot with professional equipment to capture your stunning car in it’s prime and to get the shot that you choose to be on your wall for a lifetime.

After the photo shoot and your choosing of the best shot, it is now time to produce the final product.

The Final Product Created by Hysteria Vehicle Artistry;

After Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating Service, and Car Photography;


Once you have chosen your ideal shot, it is time now to be able to create your lifetime vehicle masterpiece to hang on your wall.


Our choice is a professional 66″ by 44″ ultraHD photo print under acrylic glass. Using professional photography equipment, we are able to put it as UltraHD on a wall art of this size to be nothing short of stunning.


You will also get a smaller size included to put on a separate desk or place.


Below is an example of the actual 66″ by “44 final product you will receive of your special vehicle to hang on your wall, except it will be of your prized possession after it is brought to it’s very best it can be.

*Also, example shown is without museum quality framing applied to it that will allow you several options and colors to choose from to match your interests*


Automotive Artistry & Vehicle Photography Packages by Hysteria
Example size of art work for your wall before museum quality framing installed onto it.


Cost of Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Package;

Includes Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating or Project J97, Car Photography, Museum Quality 66″ by 44″ Wall Art Piece in UltraHD Acrylic Glass, and Traveling to Your Home or Office In Most Places in The USA.


  • Includes hiring a paint correction specialist partner to work with me to make the paint correcting process be 8 to 10 hours in 1 day instead of 16 to 20 hours time frame.


  • Buying the premium $800 to $1,000 J97 high speed wax or 5 Year Ceramic Coating Kit.


  • Installing the wax or ceramic coating process after paint correction. Starting at $1,500 per car value.


  • Coming to your home or office anywhere you are.


  • 10 professional grade camera shots to email of your vehicle.


  • 1 money shot photo being chosen for $1,500 – $2,500 66″ by 44″ ultraHD acrylic glass wall art and $300 dollar smaller size to put on a desk or stand. Includes $500-$700 museum quality framing and fragile shipping.


  • Custom Hysteria Vehicle Artistry gold color license plate frame.(pictured above)


  • One Time Fee is $9,997 per vehicle. Price is slightly higher for larger vehicles than a sedan or small SUV. Deposit of $500 is paid up front for travel in case of a cancellation. Remaining $9,497 is paid in cash at time of appointment.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Paint Correcting and Installing 5 Year Ceramic Coating on a Customer’s Tesla Model S 75D.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Paint Correction and 5 Year Ceramic Coating Finished to Customer’s Tesla Model S 75D.


Text Chuck 412 726 6092 to use our Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Package to Your Special or Rare Vehicle You Have At Your Home or Work.


There are car photography services that do a great job capturing your vehicle. Then there is paint correction and protection services to remove defects and make your car as perfect as it can be. This is where we do both combined to be able to form your final product, the high quality wall art of your vehicle to last a lifetime.

This is my passion and each client project is our 100% put in to create something special out of your amazing vehicle.


You have a special vehicle, we have a special service and product offering, let’s come together and create Hysteria Vehicle Artistry.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
1930 Model A  for client that took 1st place in World of Wheels car show.


Hysteria Vehicle Art Gallery Chapters – Enter Your Prized Possession Car


Loving exceptional cars, fitness, and being a business owner has let me be able to combine my skills, experience, and passion into one combination with one goal in mind; to create something truly amazing.


To do this, every puzzle piece along the way must be of the highest quality possible, and it is just as important that the vehicle focus have sentimental value and a personal story to my customer.


Upon allowing us to put your prized possession car into our Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Package, your finished masterpiece we create will have it’s own Hysteria Chapter Number.


After we complete all steps of your vehicle (traveling to you, exterior detailing, paint correction, ceramic coating paint protection, professional photo shoot, & creating extra large museum quality wall art), I will ask you for your permission to include your Chapter number art into our vehicle art gallery to be sold to fellow car enthusiasts who appreciate your car and quality artistry.


You can either decline and keep your Chapter as the original 1 of or you can enter it and receive the original, but you will receive 50% back of the profits of any piece of art including your Chapter vehicle sells as a rebate for letting us make incredible art with your amazing vehicle.

There will be 100 duplicates made for sale in our vehicle art gallery as we grow Chapters of amazing vehicles.

Sign up today by texting Chuck 412 726 6092 and I look forward to you letting me create your masterpiece wall art with your amazing car.



Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Me (Chuck Strogish) with my Saleen S281 SC in Legend Lime.


I wanted to offer something in my skill set that allows someone with a special and meaningful car to be able to create something together that is so high in quality that is gives the feeling of total Hysteria just looking at it like in a museum. This is where the name came from and I was on my way. If I had a meaningful car, Hysteria Vehicle Artistry is the combination of everything it takes to create a final product that is unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

We not only professionally photograph your prized possession, paint correction and ceramic coating is what we do to make it look incredible and be protected to the max right before it is photo graphed onsite.


Hysteria is a 1 of a kind service that creates a final product that only found here.


Hysteria takes one side of professional car photography, another side of amazing art work that is going to be created from scratch, and the last side of completing the car to perfection right before it is turned into a masterpiece of art.


Paint Correction, Paint Protection, Ceramic Coating, Car Photography Service
Customer’s Tesla Model S P100D being protected to handle going 2.2 seconds 0 to 60!


Everything is top notch from start to finish. Correction the paint and exterior to be as close to perfect as possible, to installing the best in paint protection and shine, to using phenomenal photography equipment to capture the best possible shot for the customer, and finally the best quality wall art and framing that doesn’t skimp on quality anywhere throughout the project.


Hysteria Vehicle Artistry combines car photography with premium paint correction detailing an paint protection onsite at your home or office where these 2 will come together to form a true wall art masterpiece.


A piece of art that has real meaning and captures the meaningful car to the customer in the best possible way with the highest quality detailing work and most awe inspiring art work to be a main piece in the home of my customer, for a lifetime.


Thanks for checking out Hysteria and looking forward to your special ride being the focus of something extraordinary in vehicle artistry. Contact Chuck below via text anytime to make your appointment.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Customer’s Porsche 911.


To Make An Appointment or Quote, Text Chuck at 412 726 6092.


Prized Possession Example Cars We Look For To Create High End & Luxury Vehicle Art With;


Vehicle Art Gallery For Sale
Our #659 car Saleen S281 SC in Legend Lime.


  • Acura NSX

  • Alpina Vehicles

  • Aston Martin Vehicles

  • Audi R8 & S8

  • Bentley Vehicles

  • BMW I8 & M Vehicles

  • Bugatti Vehicles

  • Cadillac CTS-V

  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06

  • Dodge Viper

  • Ferrari Vehicles

  • Ford GT | Mustang | Shelby Cobra

  • Hennessey Vehicles

  • Jaguar Models | F-Type SVR

  • Koenigsegg Vehicles

  • Lamborghini Vehicles

  • Lexus LFA

  • Lotus Vehicles

  • Maserati Vehicles

  • Maybach Vehicles

  • McLaren Vehicles

  • Mercedes-Benz | AMG Vehicles

  • Nismo Vehicles

  • Nissan Skyline | GT-R

  • Pagani Vehicles

  • Panoz Vehicles

  • Porsche 911 | Vehicles

  • Rolls-Royce Vehicles

  • Roush Vehicles

  • Saleen Vehicles

  • Tesla P100D | Vehicles

  • Yenko Vehicles


States and Cities Available For Hysteria Detailing Package To Be Completed At Your Home or Office.

*All cities and states except Hawaii and Alaska are available.*


  1. Alabama | Montgomery | Birmingham
  2. Arizona | Phoenix
  3. Arkansas | Little Rock
  4. California | Sacramento | Los Angeles
  5. Colorado | Denver
  6. Connecticut | Hartford | Bridgeport
  7. Delaware | Dover | Wilmington
  8. Florida | Tallahassee | Tampa | Miami | Jacksonville | Orlando
  9. Georgia | Atlanta
  10. Idaho | Boise
  11. Illinois | Springfield | Chicago
  12. Iowa | Des Moines
  13. Kansas | Topeka | Witchita
  14. Kentucky | Frankfurt | Louisville
  15. Louisiana | Baton Rouge | New Orleans
  16. Maine | Augusta | Portland
  17. Maryland | Annapolis | Baltimore
  18. Massachusetts | Boston
  19. Michigan | Lansing | Detroit
  20. Minnesota | St. Paul | Minneapolis
  21. Mississippi | Jackson
  22. Missouri | Jefferson City | Kansas City
  23. Montana | Helena | Billings
  24. Nebraska | Lincoln | Omaha
  25. Nevada | Carson City | Las Vegas
  26. New Hampshire | Concord | Manchester
  27. New Jersey | Trenton | Newark
  28. New Mexico | Santa Fe | Albuquerque
  29. New York | Albany | New York City
  30. North Carolina | Raleigh | Charlotte
  31. North Dakota | Bismarck | Fargo
  32. Ohio | Columbus
  33. Oklahoma | Oklahoma City
  34. Oregon | Salem | Portland
  35. Pennsylvania | Pittsburgh | Harrisburg | Philadelphia
  36. Rhode Island | Providence
  37. South Carolina | Columbia
  38. South Dakota | Pierre | Sioux Falls
  39. Tennessee | Nashville | Memphis
  40. Texas | Austin | Houston | San Antonio | Dallas
  41. Utah | Salt Lake City
  42. Vermont | Montpelier | Burlington
  43. Virginia |  Richmond | Virginia Beach
  44. Washington | Olympia | Seattle
  45. West Virginia | Charleston
  46. Wisconsin | Madison | Milwaukee
  47. Wyoming | Cheyenne


Text Chuck “Hysteria” to 412 726 6092 to make appointment for your super car or mega car prized possession.