Automotive Paint Correction Detailing

Why Automotive Paint Correction Detailing is the Key to Hysteria Vehicle Artistry.

Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Always Starts With Full Automotive Paint Correction Detailing to Remove 75% to 95% Defects, Swirls, & Scratches.
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Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Always Starts With Full Automotive Paint Correction Detailing to Remove 75% to 95% Defects, Swirls, & Scratches For a Reason – Quality Results.


What Exactly is Paint Correction For My Vehicle Compared to Detailing?


  • To start, you can clean and take your vehicle through a car wash 1000 and more times, but will never get shine reducing ingrained dirt out from where a clay bar will remove it. Clay bar works effectively in doing this, but is just the first step in creating a quality shine and strong bond for paint protection such as ceramic coating.


  • After detailing and then the clay bar process, the exterior will be ready for paint correction. This involves using a machine buffer correctly to remove all paint defects such swirls and scratches.


  • Paint correction will remove 75% to 95% of the paint defects compared to if a new paint job is 100%.


  • Doing this will make the paint perfectly level and defect free where to get the best shine, this needs to happen so there is no shine reflection on paint defects. The more defects, the more deflection and less shine even if you detailed your car and think it is as good as it can be. There are more levels to reach.


  • Paint correction usually will cost 3 to 4 times on average more than the cost of detailing due to the prep work and time required to complete.


Does Paint Correction Increase The Value of The Vehicle?


Yes, it will increase the value of the car typically by around ~20% of what it’s value is rated as. It can be less or more depending on several factors but in general, the cost of paint correction will make you much more back in value of your vehicle.


Where Do You Offer Paint Correction For My Vehicle and How Do I Sign Up?


We come right to your home garage or office to complete it. If colder weather or lots of rain typically, it’s best if you have a garage but it can be done outside if right circumstances and decent weather.


We come anywhere you are to complete it in most states, the cost starts at 3 to 4 times the detail, which is $600 and up for car sizes and then gas fee for travel to your home or office. Sign up your vehicle by texting Chuck to 412 726 6092. Be sure to include what zip code you are in if not around Pittsburgh, Pa.


Vehicle Ceramic Coating | Car Photography | Paint Correction. Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Service by Chuck Strogish – Create Your Lifelong Masterpiece
Customer’s Example Shelby GT350.


Once it is paint corrected, it is ready to be ceramic coated for premium 5 year paint protection also if you’d like that option to keep it preserved in amazing condition for 5 years without the need to maintain or wax it. pricing starts at $1,500 per coupe or sedan and up for larger sizes plus gas fees traveling to you.


Text Chuck “Hysteria” to 412 726 6092 anytime to get a quote or to make an appointment at your home for the Hysteria Vehicle Artistry Special Car Package or paint correction, and ceramic coating.